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Is your dog causing inconvenience by relieving himself all over the house? Are you tired of cleaning the mess your dog creates every now and then? Have your carpets turned into pee pads? Well, you do not need to worry anymore as technology gives you a solution in the form of Dog Potty unit. Forget stains, odors and carpet cleaning by ordering a Dog Potty unit today!

Dog Potty is the perfect solution for busy dog owners and does not require any maintenance, as such. It brings a piece of the natural environment to your home where dogs can relieve themselves without causing discomfort to the people in the house. It is an assembled unit that consists of synthetic grass with pheromone, a reservoir system for both indoor and outdoor use, a dog potty unit and training sprays. You also get an instruction booklet.

With some training, you can make your dog get used to the Dog Potty unit so that he would not feel the need to poop/pee anywhere else. In this way not only will you be making your house clean and tidy, but you will also relieve the house of the persistent odor associated with your dog.