The Small Size

The Dog Potty comes in two sizes depending on the size of your dog. If your dog weighs up to 35 lbs, then it is better and convenient to use the Small Dog Potty™. The size will be very much comfortable for your dog/puppy and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The unit has been designed with a clean and sleek finish.

Size of the Small Dog Potty™: 26″ long x 20″ wide x 4½” tall, 10lbs.

The Large Size

For larger dogs that weigh up to 135 lbs, the Large Dog Potty™ is suitable. This again comes in a rectangular shape with a sleek finish and can be used both indoors and outdoors conveniently. It is perfect for those dogs that require a large comfortable natural space for relieving themselves.

Size of the Large Dog Potty™: 40″ long x 26″ wide x 4.5 ”tall, 20lbs.

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